Testimonials & Reviews

Sanford Royce Network Clients

A truly unique team of expert individuals – unbeatable together. Always my media and communications team of choice when working on globally impactful campaigns. They are a joy to work with, makes the complex navigation of branded campaigns more manageable, and always want the best for their clients.‘

Simon Vielma, Bidwise

‘Mary Barkley and her team at Sanford Royce are fantastic in many ways – professional, good understanding of client’s needs, and easy to communicate. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

Jerry Low, Web Hosting Secret Revealed

‘Sanford Royce has been very helpful. They understand what our team needed. Under their supervision, we are able to gather really good exposures in a timely manner. Recommended!’

Daren Low, Bitcatcha

‘For brands who are serious about scaling their marketing efforts, Sanford Royce is great partner. They know this area lack the back of their hands. Their expertise is top-notch. Bar none. ‘

Sam Guilding, Millennium Consulting